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    Important and up to date news regarding the insurance industry.

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    Where Are You Investing?

    Not your money but your time.

    Ben Feldman is considered to be the greatest life insurance salesperson of all time. In 1981, there were 1800 life insurance companies. He personally sold more life insurance than 2/3 of those companies.

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    A Lesson By Garry Kinder

    Garry Kinder was the CEO of Kinder Brothers International. It's my assertion that over the years, Kinder Brothers has trained more successful agents and managers than anyone else in the Life Insurance Industry. Garry and his team understood the importance of fundamentals in building a successful sales career.

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    Ulysses S. Grant & Responsibility

    I recently finished a book about the Civil War. Ulysses Grant, a West Point graduate who resigned from the army in 1854, stood out to me. For seven years after his resignation until the start of the Civil War, his family lived in poverty.


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    Hershey Chocolates

    We have all heard of Hershey Chocolates, but few know the story of its founder, Milton S. Hershey.

    Hershey was apprenticed to a candy maker but decided to leave to start his own store in Philadelphia, which failed after a few years. From there, he went to Denver and learned to make caramel, and after that, moved to Chicago, New Orleans, and New York, opening and closing one candy store after another.

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    At a presentation I recently attended, the speaker invited a woman from the audience to come up on stage. He said, “We're going to role play that we are out on a date.” The speaker went on to say, "It's great to be with you, and I'm in love with you. Do you want to live on the beach or in the city? What should we name our children?"

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