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    Important and up to date news regarding the insurance industry.

    What Do Good Sales People And Good Actors Have In Common?

    They rehearse! Good actors rehearse their part. Good sales people rehearse (practice) their presentation.

    W. Clement Stone understood this and believed this was an important factor in the success of his sales force. His representatives would continually practice their presentation on each other.

    Stone looked at sales presentations much like an actor looks at his or her performance.

    No matter how long a show plays on Broadway, the actors continue to rehearse. They are professionals and continuously seek perfection. They know exactly what they are saying. They understand the response and the reaction from their audience. The theater goer may not realize that the actor’s actions as well as words are same at each performance. The actor improves at every opportunity.

    Frank Bettger had never thought about practicing his presentation until an agent moved from Georgia and joined his agency. The agent was concerned about his presentation because of cultural differences. The agent suggested they start practicing their presentations on each other. Better said because of the practice, his presentation improved significantly and as a result his sales increased.

    Ben Feldman, the greatest life insurance salesman ever, would practice his packages on wife, office staff and his sons. Feldman believed that his presentation was simple enough to be understood by high school students (his sons), it would be understood by business owners.

    Is your presentation simple enough to be understood by a high school student?

    When was the last time you practiced your presentation?

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