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    Time To Make Donuts

    You are probably wondering… Time to make donuts. Donuts???? 

    I’ve been reading the biography of Bill Rosenburg, the founder of Dunkin Donuts.

    With only an 8th grade education, he built an extremely successful donut empire with Dunkin Donuts.

    His son asked how he could be so successful in business with only an 8th grade education.  Rosenburg said that he learned from people like himself who started successful businesses. He learned from other successful people who achieved their goals. He realized that it takes more than a formal education to make you a leader. It’s an attitude, a hunger to achieve, empathy, and enthusiasm – those are the important things.

    Successful sales people, and successful people in any endeavor learn from other successful people. Successful people look at what other successful people are doing and do it.

    There are two ways to learn. One is from failure and the other is learning from successful people. Learning from others is less painful. The reason I wrote Sales Lessons from the Masters, is to provide an opportunity to learn from the greatest of the great sales people.

    Would your team benefit from learning from successful sales people? Contact me: [email protected] or 704-568-9649 Ext 7780.


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