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    Polo Lessons

    Tony Robbins tells a story about the first time he played polo. In polo, you ride a horse and hit a ball with a mallet.

    Robbins didn't want to play polo, but he had a relentless friend, and he finally agreed to play.  He was on the polo field at 5:00 AM and hadn’t been on a horse since he was nine. Suddenly, the other players were thundering by on their horses and he was hooked! What started as a horrible experience for him turned into something he loved.

    Hooked on the sport, Robbins decided he wanted to improve. He found the best polo player in the U.S. and hired him for a few days to teach him. The other players couldn’t believe the improvement in Robbins’ play.

    Robbins understood that when you want to be great, you find someone who is doing it successfully and learn from that person. This lesson applies to everything we do in life.

    I have talked with many successful salespeople over the years. Most have become great by finding other great salespeople and learning and doing what the great salespeople did. The fact that great salespeople learn from other great salespeople is one of the reasons I wrote my book, Sales Lessons From the Masters.  I and others copied and learned from those successful salespeople.

    Recently, I wanted to improve my coaching skills and be held accountable to my goals. What did I do? I took a lesson from Tony Robbins and found the best coach I could find and hired him.  Equally as important, I listened to what he had to say.

    Is there an area you want to improve? Do you have specific goals? Learn from those who have more experience than you do and find someone to hold you accountable.


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