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    The Best Investment Ever!

    What’s the best investment? It’s not stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. The most important investment is YOU!

    One trait of successful people is they invest in themselves. They look at themselves as a work in progress and continually seek to improve.

    I was listening to Darren Hardy. Darren owns multiple companies. One of his mentors told him to invest 10% in self-improvement for himself and his employees. His company’s revenue has grown so much it’s becoming a challenge to invest the advised 10%.

    Think you are too old? Warren Buffet said he and Charlie Munger didn’t get a handle on things until they were 65.

    This year, I have followed my own advice and invested in a coach for myself. It has been tremendous. First, I have seen multiple returns on investment just from having someone hold me accountable. Second, I have become a much better coach.

    How are you investing in yourself?  What are your investment goals? 


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