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    Handling Objections - "I Want To Think It Over"

    Have you ever heard the objection, "I want to think it over"? If you ever sold anything, I can guarantee you've heard that objection.

    How do you respond when a prospect says, “I want to think it over?”

    When the objection happens, you need to realize the problem is not the prospect but you. With this objection, the prospect is really saying one of the following:

    • I don't know you well enough or trust you
    • You haven't explained clearly
    • You've gone so fast, I don't understand or
    • I don't want to say no or make a decision.

    So, what do you do?

    Ask yourself, “Have I clearly identified the problem and solution? Have I established trust with the prospect?”

    Then restate the problem and solution.

    Ask the prospect, what additional information do you hope to learn to help you make a decision?

    With that question, you are telling the prospect that they have as much information as they ever will. Waiting won't help make a more informed decision.

    Point out that successful people make decisions while information is still fresh in their minds.

    One additional question… “Buy or not, but you're making a decision today. Does it make sense to expose your family to death or illness when you can protect yourself and your family for a few dollars you won't miss?”

    Two construction workers sat down to eat their lunches. One opened his lunch box and exclaimed, "Oh no, not peanut butter sandwiches!”

    This went on for several days before his co-worker said, "If you don't like peanut butter sandwiches, tell your wife not to pack them anymore."

    He said, "You leave my wife out of it! I pack my own lunch!"

    Don't be like that construction worker when you hear the objection, "I want to think it over." Look at yourself and your presentation first, not at the prospect.


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