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AIG Partners Life

Sometimes the "life" in life insurance is overlooked by agents and clients alike. Do your clients know that they can get living benefits from from their life insurance? Did you know there is a life product that your clients aren't dying to use? Literally.

AIG Partners is changing life insurance into "quality of life" insurance. Watch a video on the benefits of having quality of life...insurance.

Introducing AIG's Quality of Life Benefit Rider – the life insurance product that helps to pay for the costs of treatment of illness and other associated expenses. Qualifying illnesses include chronic illness, critical illness, and terminal illness.

Their products include QoL Guarantee Plus, QoL Index Plus II, QoL Performer Plus, and QoL Felx Term.



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Note: This carrier is a Just In Time carrier. You must submit business for your contract to be finalized.


Direct HO Access  Annualization  Downline Recruitment Allowed
  Requires E&O  Appointment Fees   Requires AML

How To Guide


Log into AIG Partner's producer website by clicking here.

Click here to learn more about their Quality of Life...Insurance.


Supplies for AIG Partners Life can be found on their eStation site under Sales/Marketing.


AIG Partners uses Winflex for illustrations. In order to use Winflex, you must be contracted. Please contact MESSER Financial Group's marketing team at (866)568-9649 ext. 819 for more information.

 New Business  

Please send your first application with AIG Partners life insurance to MESSER by either:

  1. Faxing your application to 800-968-9814
  2. Emailing it to [email protected]
  3. Or, if the application includes a modal premium, overnight the application to the following address:

    ATTN: New Business
    MESSER Financial Group
    1216 Mann Dr Suites 100-200
    Matthews, NC 28105

To submit new business for AIG Partners Life, please log into the eStation site and go to Sales/Marketing > iGo-eApply.


To access underwriting for AIG Partners Life, please log into the eStation site and go to Underwriting > UW Guidelines.


You can find forms for AIG Partners Life by using MESSER's Life Forms Tool.


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Commissions for AIG Partners Life are paid by the carrier.



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