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American General Annuities

Why do business with American GeneralLife Companies? With many products to choose from in the Index, Traditional Fixed, Immediate Income Annuities, and SPIAs. American General has the products and rates you need to be competitive in the annuity market

AG Global Index® Annuity Series Global diversification, GMWB included with no up-front cost; fantastic guarantees

AG VisionMaximizer® Index interest deferred annuity; 5% premium bonus; 100% vested immediately

AG VisionAdvantage® Index interest deferred annuity available in 7 or 9-year walk-away term.



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Direct HO Access  Annualization  Downline Recruitment Allowed
  Requires E&O  Appointment Fees

How To Guide


Log into American General's producer website by clicking here.


Supplies for American General Annuities can be found on their eStation site under Products > Annuities.


In order to do illustrations for American General annuities log into your eStation and to go Sales/Marketing > Illustrations & Quotes > Annuities.

 New Business  

To submit new business for American General Annuities, please fax applications to 1-800-968-9814 or scan and email it to [email protected].

Keep the originals, DO NOT mail them to American General. No money is required with the application, the first month premium will be drafted upon approval or when all requirements are satisfied. Optional mailing address below.

MESSER Financial Group
Attn: New Business
4301 Morris Park Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28227


To access underwriting for American General Annuities, please log into the eStation site and go to Underwriting > American General UW Tool.


You can find forms for American General Annuities by using MESSER's Life Forms Tool.


Click here to access MESSER's Annuity Quote Tool.



Commissions for American General Annuities are paid by the carrier.



Visit MESSER's Carrier Incentive Page to view all carriers offering an incentive trip.

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