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Envision Medicare Advantage

EnvisionInsurance is a different kind of company with a different approach to prescription drug benefits. Through their Medicare-approved EnvisionRxPlus Part D plan, they help hundreds of thousands of people nationwide get the medications they need, at a price they can better afford. Envision has the unique ability to provide you with great coverage at a very low monthly premium. As a part of the EnvisionRxOptions and Rite Aid family of companies, we are integrated with national health care companies that solely focus on improving the pharmacy care experience.



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Direct HO Access  Annualization  Downline Recruitment Allowed
  Requires E&O  Appointment Fees

How To Guide


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Supplies for Envision can be ordered by visiting the Envision Store.
Username: Your email address
Password: Your new 2018 writing number

*Please note when ordering Scope of Appointments they come in pads of 25. We suggest you only order one at a time.


There is no software for Envision RX.

 New Business  

New business for Envision RX can be submitted three ways.

  1. By faxing a paper application to either 844-645-0583 or 844-293-4756.
  2. By filling out a paper application with the client and filling out the information in an online application. Please keep the paper application because Envision will do audits throughout the year to ensure compliance is followed.
  3. By filling out an online application with the client present. You cannot enroll clients via the phone, you must set up a meeting with the client or send the application to them. Submitting online applications is the preferred method for Envision RX.

All online enrollments will receive a confirmation number which will become the client's policy number once their enrollment is approved.

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Underwriting does not apply to Envision RX.


Forms for Envision RX can be found in the Envision Store.


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Commissions are paid by the carrier.



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