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Health Alliance/New Hanover Health Advantage Medicare Advantage

Health Alliance is a Medicare Advantage carrier who offers clients excellent plans with excellent customer service. With their Quality Improvement Program, they strive to continue improving their plans and services and continuously receive the PDP Excellence in Quality Award for their plans.



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Direct HO Access  Annualization  Downline Recruitment Allowed
  Requires E&O  Appointment Fees

How To Guide


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There is no software for Health Alliance Medicare Advantage.

 New Business  

New business for Health Alliance Medicare Advantage can be done three ways.

  1. By emailing the completed application to [email protected]
  2. By faxing the completed application to 217-902-9755
  3. By mailing the completed application. Please note the mailing address listed on the application as each state has it's own location.


Underwriting does not apply to Health Alliance Medicare Advantage.


Forms for Health Alliance Medicare Advantage are available on the broker webpage.


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Commissions for Health Alliance Medicare Advantage are paid by MESSER. Please visit our Commissions Information page to view the schedule.



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