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IHC Ancillary

Simple Solutions for Individuals and Families. Fully insured medical insurance.
Multiple options for copays and deductibles. More than 50 PPO networks. Choice of prescription drug benefit.

Notice: Brochures listed in forms section do not show health reform benefits that are included in plans.



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Direct HO Access  Annualization  Downline Recruitment Allowed
  Requires E&O  Appointment Fees

How To Guide


Visit IHC's agent website by clicking here.


Supplies for IHC Ancillary products can be found by logging into the IHC agent website and clicking on the product name.


There is no software for IHC Ancillary.

 New Business  

New business for IHC Ancillary can be submitted two ways.

  1. Using the ACA Cloud Enrollment Software offered by MESSER Finacial Group. Click here to get your software today!
  2. By logging into the IHC agent website.


Underwriting does not apply to IHC Ancillary.


You can download forms by logging onto the IHC agent website > clicking on Download Forms > select the products and state.


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Commissions for IHC are paid by MESSER.
Please visit our Commission Information page to view the schedule.



Visit MESSER's Carrier Incentive Page to view all carriers offering an incentive trip.

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 Request Help  

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