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Understanding The Commission Inquiry Form

You make your living selling insurance products and you're a busy person. Sometimes filling out forms is the last thing you want to do because it seems like it's just red tape standing in your way. But, things aren't always as they seem...

A complete and properly filled out Commission Inquiry Form is the key to getting you paid faster.  If we have not received complete information from you to submit to the carrier, they cannot process your inquiry, and they will return it to us. We in turn will have to return it to you to obtain complete information, therefore starting the process all over again and therefore delaying your pay. Consider how many people share the same name so supplying just a piece of your client's information won't get you the results you want. 

Commission Payment Schedule

Below you will find schedules for each of the carriers MESSER pays commissions on. You may also click on the carrier to be linked to the respective online statement system. 

*** URGENT NOTICE FOR MOLINA AGENTS!***  We have received the March commission statement from Molina, but unfortunately, the file provided by the carrier does not contain the detail necessary to post agent commissions transactions.  We have been working with Molina to obtain the additional detail and will post the commission statement to eAgentCenter as soon as possible.  Barring any unforeseen obstacles, we expect the statement to post/pay this week. 

We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience.

  Carrier (click carrier name to login)
  Statement Posting Date
  Aetna Medicare – New Business   2nd – 5th of each month O65-Aetna
  Aetna Medicare – Monthly Renewal   4th – 7th of each month O65-Aetna

America's First Choice - New Business

  8th-11th  of each month AFC
  America's First Choice - Monthly Renewal   10th – 13th  of each month AFC
  Anthem BCBS - Monthly Renewal   12th – 15th of each month U65-BCBS Anthem
  Anthem BCBS Medicare – New Business   12th – 15th of each month O65-Anthem
  Anthem BCBS Medicare – Monthly Renewal   14th – 17th of each month O65-Athem
  BCBS NC - Monthly Renewal   20th-23rd of each month U65-BCBSNC
  BCBS NC Medicare – Monthly Renewal   17th – 20th of each month O65-BCBS-NC
  BCBS SC - Monthly Renewal    17th – 20th of each month BCBS-SC 
  BCBS TN – Monthly Renewal   15th – 18th of each month BCBS-TN
  BCBS TN Medicare – New Business   15th – 18th of each month O65-BCBS-TN 
  BCBS TN Medicare – Monthly Renewal   17th – 20th of each month O65-BCBS-TN
  Cigna-HealthSpring Medicare- New Business   5th – 8th of each month O65-CignaHS 
  Cigna-HealthSpring Medicare – Monthly Renewal   7th – 10th of each month O65-CignaHS
  CUL - Monthly Renewal   10th-13th of each month CUL
  Gateway Health – New Business   7th – 10th of each month O65-Gateway
  Gateway Health – Monthly Renewal   9th – 12th of each month O65-Gateway
  Group Health Insurance   10th – 12th of each month Messer
  HealthSpan – New Business   27th – 1st of each month O65-HealthSpan
  HealthSpan– Monthly Renewal   29th – 3rd of each month O65-HealthSpan
  Health Team Advantage – New Business   22nd  25th of each month O65–HealthTeamAdv
  Health Team Advantage – Monthly Renewal   24th – 27th of each month O65-HealthTeamAdv
  Humana Medicare - New Business    2nd-5th of each month Humana-Sr
  Humana Medicare - Monthly Renewal    6th-9th of each month Humana-Sr
  IHC - Monthly Renewal   20th – 23rd of the month IHC
  Johns Hopkins – New Business   25th – 28th of each month O65-JohnsHopkins
  Johns Hopkins – Monthly Renewal   27th – 30th of each month O65-JohnsHopkins
  Molina – Monthly Renewal   2nd – 5th of each month  Molina
  SureBridge – New Business   15th & 30th of each month  SureBridge
  SureBridge – Monthly Renewal   30th of each month  SureBridge
  TPA   25th – 28th of each month TPA
  UHC Medicare – New Business   10th - 13th of each month O65-UHC/CIP
  UHC Medicare – Monthly Renewal   12th – 15th of each month O65-UHC/CIP
  UHOne (formerly Golden Rule) – Monthly Renewal   15th – 18th Monthly U65-UHOne
  Wellcare - New Business   15th – 18th of each month O65-Wellcare
  Wellcare - Monthly Renewal   17th – 20th of each month O65-Wellcare


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