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MESSER Financial Group

Corporate Offices

4301 Morris Park Dr.
   Mint Hill, NC 28227

Phone: 704-568-9649
Toll Free: 866-568-9649

MESSER Financial Group. Helping Talented Agents Close More Sales.

Name Title Extension
Roy K Messer
Chairman 711
Bill Rice Chief Executive Officer 712
Dennis White President Group Division 715
Kathy Armet  Vice President Operations 782
  Producer Support  
Chris Middleton Director Producer Support 813
Mataia Ross Producer Support 707
Bryon Griffin Producer Support 720
Cyndi Martin Contracting Specialist 810
Maya Jones Contracting Specialist 810
Jeff Street Marketing Director 752
Michael Col√≥n Marketing Director 732
Micah Mathews Marketing Director 728
Justin McKim Marketing Director 705
Mark Conter National Sales Trainer 713
Karen Stiggers Regional Manager - Georgia 736
Shanise Brewster Marketing Assistant 719
Bobby Armet Marketing Assistant 784
Dennis White President Group Division 715
Kathy Guiliano Account Executive  731 
Dawn Denney Finance Director  
Bridget Stallings Finance Analyst  
Kimberly Lines Finance Analyst  
John Hondros Business/Reporting Analyst  
Shelley Medford Compliance Director 726
Barbara Huffman Communications Director 717
Doug Cannon Assistant IT Support 773
Rebekah Williams
Assistant Communications Director 781
Tripp Hill IT Specialist 730
Ian Halfpenny IT Support Specialist 758
  Special Projects  
Tracy Zimmerman
Director, Special Projects 738 
Annette Ortiz Outside Sales Coordinator 718 
Faye Fink Receptionist  
Department Fax & Email Email For New Business: 
888-900-2330 Contracts  
888-900-2320 Producer Support [email protected] 
888-600-1020 Producer Support [email protected]
800-968-9814 Life New Business  
866-569-0634 General Fax (Do not send contracts to this #)  
866-236-7478 Group Division   
Status Updates  


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