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Life Insurance

Effective Monday May 23, 2016 SBLI will be introducing a new accelerated underwriting process, leading the way in progressive underwriting and providing the ideal combination of convenience and value to make life easier for BGAs, brokers, and consumers.

 SBLI's New Accelerated Underwriting Process

  • All level term cases with a face amount of $500,000 or less, ages 18 to 60, and all risk classes will be underwritten without a paramedical exam.¹These cases will benefit from faster decisions, faster processing time, and faster commission payouts from the accelerated underwriting process! Click on the ‘New Accelerated Underwriting Process’ button below. 
  • The new accelerated underwriting process will be supported by two application submission options — drop ticket or paper. In either situation, Part 2 is completed over the telephone by EMSI or APPS. Therefore, to take advantage of our new accelerated underwriting process, you need to have an account with one of these fulfillment centers. To set up an account or update your existing account to view the status of your applications during this phase of the process, please click on the ‘Fulfillment Center Contact Information’ button below.

SBLI's New Term Rates

  • In conjunction with this new process, SBLI is introducing new term rates on May 23, 2016. Rates for cases that benefit from accelerated underwriting ($100,000 - $500,000) will have some slight increases to mitigate the greater mortality risk and a $12 increase in policy fee. You will find us to be most competitive in the $100,000 to $249,999 and $500,000 ranges. Rates for all cases above $500,000 are unchanged. New rates will be available for quoting on, iPipeline, Compulife, ApplicInt, and VitalTerm on May 23. Our transition rules are provided below. Be sure to let your agents know.

Click here to view the New Accelerated Underwriting Process.
Click here to view the Fulfillment Center Contact Information.
Click here to view the Transition Rules.