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Why Do Salespeople Fail?

I recently came across a study on the reasons salespeople fail:

15%                Improper training – both product and sales

20%                Poor verbal and written communication skills

15%                Poor or problematic boss or management

50%                Attitude

Do the results surprise you? They didn’t surprise me. I have always believed selling is 80% mental / emotional and 20% technical.

When I first started selling, many companies recognized this and motivational cassette tapes (it was a few years ago) were part of the training. Unfortunately, the importance of attitude in sales was lost along the way. The focus in sales shifted to product.

One of the things I’ve done working with salespeople to replace negative garbage they put into their minds with positives. One example is listening to Earl Nightingale and W. Clement Stone. This makes a difference!

The combination of sales fundamentals together with attitude and accountability will improve sales for even the most successful veteran.

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