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Wisdom Of The Ages

There was a Persian king who called his advisors together. He told them, “I want you to put together the wisdom of the ages for the common man.”

They went to work and came back with 12 volumes. The king said. “That’s too much, no one will ever read it! Condense!”  

They reduced it to one volume. The king said, “That’s still too much! Condense.”

They kept working and got it down to chapter, paragraph and finally a sentence.

The king saw it and said, “That’s it! That’s the wisdom of the ages!”

Would you like to know what that sentence is?

It’s, “There ain’t no free lunch.”

It means, you don’t get something for nothing. If you want to improve your business, improve your life, you must focus and work.

Do you want to change? Are you ready to act?  Remember the wisdom of the ages, “There ain’t no free lunch.”

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