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Paul J. Meyer

Paul J. Meyer, was the founder of Success Motivation Institute and multi-millionaire in the insurance business. He built one of the largest insurance agencies in the early 1960s.

Meyer said, “If you are not living the life you hoped for, it’s likely because your goals are not clearly defined. Most people of ordinary means and mediocre achievements are mushy-headed. Unfocused. Easily distracted. Reactive to almost any and every stimulus.”

The goal setting process is simple. What do you want to accomplish? What are challenges and obstacles to achieving your goal?

Surprisingly, few individuals and corporations take the time to do their homework to understand the obstacles and challenges. Sometimes, it takes outside help to work through.

I learned that approach in the early days of Critical Illness insurance in the U.S. Previously, I spent a lot of time talking with people involved with critical illness in other countries; we talked about the challenges they had to overcome. It makes a difference. The result established Mutual of Omaha as the early leader in the critical illness market in the U.S.

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