Helping Talented Agents Close More Sales



Do you want to increase your sales? What are you willing to do to make it happen?

For several years, I have been part of a marketing group, and one of our members was recently interviewed on a conference call. He buys cars from consumers and sells them to dealers at the auto auction. He sells 250 cars a week, while his competitors sell only 3 or 4.  How does he do it?

One of the reasons for his success is his process. He built processes for three key categories:

  1. Getting consumers to call to get a quote on selling their car.
  2. Setting a meeting with the seller and his appraiser, who will make the actual offer to buy the car.
  3. Buying the car, getting repeat and referral business, and receiving a positive Yelp review.

Numbers two and three of the process are scripted, and his employees simply follow the script.

When he started his business 20 years ago, there were 8-10 steps in the overall process. Today, there are over 100 steps in the process.

Having processes or a system in place is the difference between a highly successful business and one that fails. The same is true for you as a salesperson.

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