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Would a High School Student Understand Your Presentation?

Ben Feldman is considered to be the greatest life insurance salesman ever. It wasn’t until I was writing my book, Sales Lessons from the Masters, that I began to understand the significance of his packages in his success.

His packages were always bundles of whole life to solve a specific problem.

When he started getting bored with a package, he would create another.

As he developed a new package, he would test it on his wife, office staff, and sons.

Ben's son, Marvin, told me that he and his brother Richard knew more about life insurance by the time they graduated from high school than some agents.

Ben Feldman believed that if his package was simple enough to be understood by a high school student, then it would be understood by a business owner.

My question for you: is your presentation simple enough to be understood by a high school student?

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