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    Bunker Hill

    Don't count your chickens until they're hatched.

    I have always wanted to visit Bunker Hill (the battle took place on what is now known as Breed’s Hill). There are 294 steps to the top of the monument. You get a great workout and a great view of Boston.



    On June 17, 1775,  2,000 British troops attacked approximately 1,000 colonial militia on Breed’s Hill. The British were considered the finest army in the world and expected an easy time against the inexperienced militia.

    The Americans were winning the battle until they ran out of ammunition and were forced to retreat. The British suffered 1,000 casualties while the Americans suffered 400 (most of which were during the retreat).

    British General Clinton said, “A few more victories like that would put an end to British domination in America.”

    There are lessons that we can learn from Bunker Hill. The British officers believed the Americans would run if they were charged with fixed bayonets. They were over-confident and, as a result, under-prepared. They paid for it.

    One of the best things going into anything new is a dose of healthy paranoia. You need to: Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.

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