We love our agents. And they love us!

“I'm truly thankful that I started my business with Messer and it's made all the difference for my success.”
I've found Messer to be an organization that always plays fair with honor, honesty, and integrity. I don't ask for a lot, but when I do they always deliver.
They offer a lot of benefits to brokers not available anywhere else. They track all my commissions efficiently and they're always there when I need help.
They're the best FMO out there that I've ever dealt with. They answer the phones. They take care of me and always do a great job. All my business goes through Messer.

Messer has helped me significantly by providing needed assistance through their contracting department. I can stay in the field while Messer works on the back end of things. The site is easy to use and very informative. I especially enjoy the marketing portfolio. Messer has given us peace of mind, knowing that there is a backup plan in case something happens to me and my business. I know I am part of a special group of agents, which I get to see and meet at yearly events. Most organizations don’t offer that. The biggest thing I appreciate is that Messer sticks to their word; what they say is what they do. In the independent world, that is Gold!

Messer does its best to make the process seamless. They help us to handle our clients promptly and remain efficient in our work. I have gotten everything I need or been directed where to get what I need. I speak for myself and my team with everything. I am impressed with the MyMFG improvements. Having the tools and resources to be productive is what I enjoy the most about Messer.

MyMFG is how I submit all my business to all my carriers. Messer gives me the flexibility for my wife to stay at home and take care of our grandson. My earnings have gone up since working with Messer. They aren’t hounding or contacting you constantly but are always there if you need them.

MyMFG helps me get through my day. When I call, my questions are always answered. It’s easy to navigate through MyMFG, and I love that I can go to one spot to write my business for multiple carriers. I have all my client’s information at my fingertips if I need it. The fact that Messer has the Legacy program is huge to me, knowing that if something happens to me, my wife and children will be cared for. The perks like the trips and the gifts are also great. I value the character of Bill and Roy both.

I trust them completely, and they have our best interests in mind when doing things.

One of Messer's most prominent things is staying true to its core and foundation. They run their business the way I would run my own business. I want it to make sense for our agents and make it as efficient as possible, and that's what Messer does. It's such a pleasure to work with this company. The new EDE program has been a game-changer for us. Roy and Bill put in the time and money to give us this remarkable ability. We are all in this together. We are in it for mutual benefit and success. And I know that's at Messer's core. This gives me hope for the future. I enjoy how they reward us with trips and that we do things together. We all had a good time and enjoyed each other. You can see that no matter who you are hanging out with, whether it be Bill, Roy, Mandy, Jeff, Justin, etc.

When my clients call me, I can key in the phone number to see who the client is, and I can address them by name. My clients feel special. It makes a huge difference. I am blessed after joining Messer. I've been to Kiawah Island for years, which I have enjoyed. The platform lets me find all my clients, data, and worksheets. I got my daughter into this business and plan on making her my downline. I want her to be part of Messer. With Messer's Legacy Program, I know my commissions will go to my family if something happens to me. That is huge! What I love the most about my relationship with Messer is that I get my answers, period!

The most significant impact on our daily operations is the utilization of MyMFG. Still, only some agents have transitioned to it, but those who have loved it. We love working with Messer and feel a genuine partnership. Because of the trust built through personal relationships, we do business together very favorably. It’s not just “business.” We thoroughly enjoy the Chairman’s Council and Top Producer Summit trips because that is part of how we have grown relationally with Messer. Also, it has been fantastic for our top-producing agents to be included in these groups. Their love for being in our agency and in partnership with Messer makes everything gel together better. I trust Bill Rice, the CEO. He will do the right thing, no matter what.

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