NCD: Important News About Sales with Proof of Prior Coverage

Beginning with sales on January 15, 2023, NCD will no longer be paying commissions on new sales of NCD Dental underwritten by Nationwide with a waiting period waiver (POPC) and effective dates of February 1, 2023, and beyond.

This does not affect your current commissions or new business written without POPC.

National Care Dental did not arrive at this decision easily, but they feel it's the best way to support long-term premium stability.

Of course, they will continue to provide the outstanding support you've come to expect from them via their Member Care and Agent Support teams.

Thank you for being such a valuable part of NCD's mission, as they provide white glove service and support to you and all members.

Frequently Asked Questions via National Card Dental:

Q: What is POPC? 

A: It stands for Proof of Prior Coverage, and is our waiting period waiver.

Q: Why don’t you just remove it from the plan instead of making it non-commissionable?

A: This would affect CURRENT members as well as new ones, which is not a desired outcome.

Q: Will this affect the policies with POPC ALREADY SOLD prior to 1/15/2023?

A: No. We will continue to pay commissions on those policies.

Q: Will clients hear about POPC after the agent sells them a policy?

A: We’re doing everything we can to ensure they DON’T hear about it. It won’t be on any marketing materials or our website, and we're also removing it from the SimpleSmile application.

Q: Will the POPC question still be on the application?

A: No, we’re working to remove it.

Q: Does this impact my commissions?

A: No, you're current commission percentage will stay exactly the same. Because of the change to POPC we will be sending updated commission sheets in the next week or so.

Q: What do I need to do?

A: We recommend that all agents visit the Agent Launchpad and download updated brochures and sales materials so you can present the correct information to your clients

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