SureBridge: New AccidentWise™ Is Coming

SureBridge's New AccidentWise™ to hit markets March 24!

Accident plans continue to play a role in helping consumers pay for out-of-pocket costs resulting from accidents.  The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company (CLICO) continues to look for ways to provide better benefits to consumers in this market and is excited to announce AccidentWise is launching on March 24.  Below are four changes agents can expect to see with this new plan.

Reduced cost for similar benefits

Agents familiar with CLICO’s Accident Companion can expect to see similar benefits in the new AccidentWise plan.  In most cases, the new product can provide these benefits at a lower premium, thus providing better value at a lower cost for consumers.

New benefits

In addition to the benefits previously seen in Accident Companion, AccidentWise has expanded benefits to include an outpatient surgery benefit and an accidental death and dismemberment benefit.

Expanded issue ages

In a continued strategy to offer ancillary products in both the under 65 and over 65 markets, AccidentWise will allow issue ages 0 to 75 (in most states) with no termination age.  This allows consumers to purchase coverage with confidence it will be in force when needed.

New branding

The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company is excited to continue implementing the United Healthcare brand.  AccidentWise will be the first CLICO product to carry the United Healthcare logo, replacing the SureBridge branding and logo. 

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