Aetna's Extra Benefits Card: Information to Share with Your Clients

Help your members utilize this popular benefit.

Aetna thanks you for all the work you’ve done to help connect Aetna Medicare members to the Extra Benefits Card, administered by NationsBenefits®. They that their members are excited to use this benefit, and saw more than a million transactions on the card in January! With that said, Aetna has learned a lot about how to better serve their members as they use this benefit.

Aetna is improving the member experience.

At the start of the year, when members called Nations about their card, they experienced longer than usual wait times. But since then, things have improved. Behind the scenes, Aetna has been working with Nations to reduce call wait times and provide overall better service and we’re continuing to make improvements so members can get the help they need when they need it.

Help educate your members about these FAQs.

How to use the Extra Benefits Card

The card must be activated online or by phone before it can be used

  • Visit or
  • Call 877-204-1817 (TTY:711) to activate with the automated voice response or by speaking to an agent

Credit or debit? 

  • Members should always select "credit" when using the card. If a transaction automatically attempts to run as debit, select "cancel" and run as credit. A PIN is never needed.
  • While the physical card has the word "debit" on it, the credit option should always be selected when using the card. 

Where to use the card

  • To shop online, the card can only be used at
    • No other online website or grocery delivery app can be used
  • A complete list of approved stores is available at
    • Approved locations include Albertson’s, Giant Eagle, Kroger, Walmart and many others
  • At a gas station, members must swipe the card at the pump – not inside. If prompted, always select "credit." No PIN is required at the pump

Quarterly frequency and rollover

  • Funds are added to cards quarterly (every 3 months) based on the calendar year – not 3 months after a member enrolls in a plan or is eligible for the benefit
  • Funds do not roll over and should be used before each quarter ends

Who to call with questions

Members who have questions about how to use their card should call Nations at 877-204-1817 (TTY:711).

Additional resources

If you have any questions, call us today at 866-568-9649!

For all other questions, please contact your Aetna Medicare Broker Manager.


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