Florida SEP Extensions and SEP Sales Compliance Reminders

SEP extensions:

Listed below are the links to the executive orders related to each SEP.  

Hurricane Nicole: Extended through 2/29

Hurricane Idalia: Extended through 2/29

Hurricane Ian: Extended through 3/31

Additionally, each of these SEPs are now excluding Bay county.

Here are some reminders about how to follow compliance in regards to the sale of insurance during a Special Enrollment Period (SEP), courtesy of Florida Blue, of Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

  • Agents may not market SEPs; however, please be aware of all available SEPs! This will help beneficiaries who believe they have missed an election period due an emergency or disaster. 
  • When using an SEP, agents should always utilize the following guidelines:
    1. Ask the beneficiary if they can show proof that they live or did lived in an impacted area at the start of the SEP eligibility period
    2. If the beneficiary does not have proof, ask them to verbally attest to it
    3. Confirm the beneficiaries had another election period available during the time of the incident period that they were unable to utilize due to the disaster or other emergency
    4. Once verified, use election code SEP-DST on the application
    5. If using Sales Connect, use “I was affected by a weather-related emergency or disaster (as declared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). One of the other statements here applied to me, but I was unable to make my enrollment because of the natural disaster” option.
  • Be sure to review the required Pre-Enrollment Checklist with a beneficiary prior to enrollment. You should cover these items in full and confirm that the beneficiary understands all items addressed
  • Remember to obtain Scope of Appointment (SOA) forms and only discuss products with potential enrollees that have been agreed to on the SOA
  • You should review all health care choices with the beneficiary and help them to select a plan that best meets their needs and situation

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