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As of Dec. 21, there is a new page on the Colorado Connect application called “Tell us about life changes” where customers can report Qualifying Life Change Events (QLCEs). These QLCEs for Colorado Connect customers are slightly different than QLCEs for Connect for Health Colorado customers, so here in the C4U Training Portal is a new Special Enrollment Period reference chart for Colorado Connect and also attached.


A QLCE is a circumstance that makes an individual eligible to enroll or change their health insurance coverage outside of the regular Open Enrollment Period.

Impacts to Your Work

Connect For Health Colorado does not expect many people with QLCEs to enroll in a plan on Colorado Connect because the SilverEnhanced Savings financial help has reached its funding limit. It is not available to any new customers who started their application for plan year 2023 after Dec. 6.

Impacts to Colorado Connect Customers

Colorado Connect customers can enroll in a plan if they experience any of the following QLCEs:

  • Will lose/Lost health insurance
  • Birth/Adoption/Beginning Foster Care/Court Ordered Childcare
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Death of a household member
  • Change of primary residence

Customers should report their QLCE on the new page of the Colorado Connect application if anyone in their household has experienced a QLCE within the past 30 days.

Customers do not need to provide proof of their QLCE to Colorado Connect in order to enroll, but their health insurance company might ask for proof. Customers should work directly with their insurance company on verification/proof requests.


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