New Regulation For California Agents Effective January 1, 2023

This fall, California passed a new law that requires agents to include their license number on emails, effective January 1, 2023.

Below are details from the California Department of Insurance:

The law applies to every email, regardless of where the email is sent from or to, that involves an activity for which a license is required. Examples of emails that involve an activity for which a person must hold one of the above types of license include, but are not limited to, emails that:

  • Advertise a producer’s insurance business in general, or that advertise a specific policy offered by the producer;
  • Convey a premium quote or mention any other provision of a current, past, or potential policy;
  • Request rating or underwriting information from an insured or prospective insured;
  • Request payment of premium;
  • In the case of an independent adjuster or public adjuster, ask a claimant for claim information, or provide information about a claim or about filing a claim.

Email technical requirements

The license number must be in a type size that is no smaller than the largest of any street address, email address, or telephone number of the licensee. For example, if an email includes a 10-point street address, an 11-point email address, and a 12-point telephone number, then the license number must be at least 12-point.

The license number of an individual licensee must appear adjacent to or on the line below the individual’s name or title. The license number of an organization must appear adjacent to or on the line below the organization’s name.

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